Chloë stands in the greenery of an apple tree. She wears a long flowing coat and scarf in soft colours. Her hair is silver and spiky short.This site is best viewed on your desktop or tablet
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Story Cabaret for adults
Chloë is a performance storyteller with powerful stage presence. Celebrating 20 years of spoken word from November 2019.
– Storytelling meets stand-up … plus poetic lyricism and a speaking voice “like chocolate melting over a bonfire”
– A gifted raconteur who entertains with a thrilling mix of traditional and contemporary stories. No scripts, no reading from books: this is genuine verbal jazz!

Storytelling for children
– Gorgeously costumed Agent Green the Dragon Whisperer tells Dragon Tales from around the world
– Fabulously scruffy Nightshade tells Wildwood Tales and Lost Legends of Britain
Year 3 to college: listening + speaking skills, creativity, devising, collaborative working and British Values.

Equity member                £10m Public Liability Insurance

Chloë in action (2): Watch The Legend of Amaterasu at dress rehearsal for Bridgwater Arts Centre 70th anniversary show

Chloë in action (3): Hear The Mistletoe Bride commissioned for Worcestershire Libraries Lending An Ear audio archive

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