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Chloë coaches business speakers

Storytelling skills can bring all your presentations to life

The Creative Speaker

I will equip you to be more persuasive, more interesting, more welcoming and even – especially for those of you in museums and galleries – absolutely fascinating!

Whatever your job description, in effect you’re ‘selling’. And you already know that buying decisions are driven much more by emotion than by logic.

Storytelling skills will help you

  • Make clear, well organised, confident presentations
  • Work around anxiety about public speaking
  • Connect with your audience and keep their attention
  • Handle questions – even difficult ones – in a mutually respectful and professional way
  • Avoid the 5 most embarrassing mistakes (…and the rest) made by poorly prepared speakers.

In the safe, supportive environment of my workshop you can

  • Learn easy ways to structure and remember your presentation
  • Discover the single most powerful tool of the public speaker – the key to your confidence
  • Practise making your voice expressive, clear and controlled
  • Explore tricks of the speaker’s trade that rivet your audience’s attention on what you’re saying – no matter what the subject.

If there’s time, we’ll also look at

  • Keeping control of Powerpoint: with good speaking skills you’ll hardly need it!
  • Using a microphone (handheld, lapel, headset)

Chloë adds: “I’m happy to work with beginners and with experienced speakers, or mixed ability groups, usually between 8 and about 20 people. There’s always something new to learn or skills that can be sharpened; and surprisingly often it’s the newbie who comes up with the fresh insight.”

The Creative Speaker was Chloë’s most popular seminar years before she became a full time performer.

Contact Chloë now to book this seriously enjoyable training for your staff or volunteers

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