Speaker’s Secrets

The Story behind the Words
– blog post by Chloë of the Midnight Storytellers

I love teaching workshops for adults. I get such a kick out of seeing someone discover their public speaking confidence. Even if you give me only half a day, I can open the door in people’s minds to more natural, more effective public speaking.
Of course it’s a slightly mind bending bit of double-think for me: I must prove what I’m teaching with every word and gesture!
I remember what it’s like to dread public speaking.
Before my first big professional speaking engagement in 1991 I was ILL with fear for six weeks.

In the third presentation I ever gave, someone interrupted me blustering ‘I’ve been here an hour and I’ve heard nothing useful yet!’
Luckily I was so shocked that I couldn’t answer; lucky, because the rest of the audience turned on that person and told him to ..er.. be quiet! Big lesson learned, for me.

Since then I’ve faced every kind of audience and dealt with almost every sort of disaster. Fire alarms and power cuts, naturally; workbooks not arriving on time – or at all; health hazard catering, filthy rooms and toilets, and a few banqueting managers who just didn’t care.
I’ve given all day courses with no notes and in casual clothes after my luggage was lost – and after entire nights without sleep in noisy hotels.
In one quaint old London hotel, the ceiling fell in.
Far worse things happened to other speakers I knew: notes stolen. Collapsed and taken to hospital…

Success as a public speaker comes from preparation, practice and that magical extra ingredient: speak with passion.

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