Family Fun

The Castle of a Thousand Rooms                        Adapts 1 – 4 hours, minimum 6 family units

Family workshop for age 9+ with their adults. Storymaking with basic stagecraft. Delivered as taster session or complete workshop.

Invent people! … worlds! … monsters!
– Make your mum or dad the hero – or the villain!
Give your gerbil or cat-mad Aunt Beth super powers
– Turn your worst enemy into a noxious heap of … dragon fried sawdust
Or discover how to tell the story of your grandparents growing up in a country at war.

Giggles galore. Adults must listen to young people! Delicious new words and easy-to-remember ways of making up stories. Anything is possible in Storyworld, where the Castle of A Thousand Rooms offers adventure at every turn.

Family Stories to Start Art
                                           Adapts 1 – 4 hours, unlimited group size

For age 5 – 8 OR age 9 – 12 with their adults. Taster or full workshop. Chloë tells magical adventure stories from her show A Child’s World of Story. Adults directed by their children share drawing, painting and making (can include masks).

  • Teen edition available, using dramatic stories from Lost Legends of Britain


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