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Explore the traditional stories of your culture and family. Become a better classroom storyteller. Get ready for bedtime stories with children or grandchildren!

Please check my Diary pages to see when courses are running.

Or make it happen for you and your friends… You need: a group between 8 – 20 people. A big enough space for gentle movement and seats for participants. Decent ventilation, warmth and light. Toilets and catering facilities. Wheelchair access. Works very well in a large private house, arts venue or small/medium hotel.


Inspired Tales: Stories from an exhibition    For everyone
– This one day workshop invites you to experiment with the storyteller’s craft, inspired by objects and images on display. 11am–4pm or earlier start.
From true life tales – because your granny had a thing just like that! – to fantastical wish fulfilment, you can tell it like it was or dare to invent stories to match the fascinating collection around you.


Once Upon A Time: Storytelling Skills for All    Beginners and new storytellers
– Weekend course eg Friday evening, full Saturday + Sunday to approx 4pm
In a safe and stimulating environment you’ll explore

  • Essential voice skills and stagecraft. Storytelling is not acting but you must be heard clearly and you need to hold your audience’s attention
  • Structure and memory techniques
  • Creativity in re-telling traditional or other existing stories
  • Spontaneous storytelling: learn to trust your imagination and life experience
  • Choice and preparation of stories for telling.

Creative games and exercises involve speaking and listening as a whole group, in mini groups, in pairs and individually. In the final Story Round you can choose to tell a story by yourself or with others … and it is not compulsory!
We laugh a lot. Nerves about speaking dissolve in the supportive atmosphere and in the delight of the stories.

StoryMakers  For storytellers, creative writers, playwrights + all wordmongers
– Weekend course eg Friday evening, Saturday and part of Sunday
Share what you know, gain insights and new ideas. Chloë acts as facilitator while you explore

  • Classic storytellers’ exercises in adapting and reframing traditional tales
  • Devise true life / original / contemporary tales
  • Different stimuli for your creativity: chocolate … scent … rain … sound effects … rural and urban landscapes … fabrics
  • Spontaneous storytelling: probably the best ever cure for writer’s block
  • Recording sounds and spoken word
  • Playfulness with purpose.

Participants can work as individuals or in creative collaboration with others, occasionally as a whole group.
·  Struggling with your plot or script? Bring it, let it run in a different genre, see what happens… Shared experience helps uncover new lines of thought, or understand why something isn’t working quite right yet.
·  Free yourself from the pressure of being ‘good’ at what you do and allow yourself to experiment. Go wrong and have a giggle!
·  Final Session is your opportunity to tell, read or perform the piece you’ve devised or revised over the weekend, incorporating your creative experiments as far as possible. Not compulsory but warmly encouraged!

In Your Own Words       For confident storytellers
– Weekend or 1 day
Serious fun with creative inspiration. Chloë is your guide as you take the epic challenge…

  • Adapt your favourite short story, novel, UFO encounter, film, episode or scene for Live Spoken Word. That’s right: put the book down and tell that tale like a storyteller from a pre literate age
  • Learn easy techniques to organise and remember the plot; identify the story’s essential pieces
  • Try the story from different points of view
  • Find the right ‘voice’ for telling this story – which point of view is the most intriguing? – does your audience want epic-heroic or fireside gentleness?

This workshop will inspire anyone who loves stories and the English language. You’ll find very old themes and structures in the most contemporary of work. This is about Oral Storytelling. Writing is not required.
Note: Work based on a published story or film etc can be only for the purpose of this workshop and cannot later appear as original work. Traditional stories (folktales, legends etc) tend to be less encumbered by copyright.

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