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  • Studio recording and editing by Erin Holden, Fae Folk Music Studios, October 2010 and January 2011

The Seven Fishermen of Venice 7 mins 15 secs

Spooky tale from the city of masks. Strangely it’s not a short story by Italo Calvino; it was told to me at a storytelling festival by a man in a dark coat and a red scarf. Somehow I lost his name and, despite the storytelling community being very small in the UK, nobody seems to know who he was.

(Recorded October 2010)
Contains very mild horror. Rating PG.

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Babushka 11 mins 3 secs

A tender retelling of a beautiful winter folktale from old Russia. An audience favourite in Chloë’s ‘Festive Fables’ show.

Suitable for all ages and family listening.

  • Animated film version below!

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A Sulky Sun Goddess (Amateratsu + Susanawe) 14 mins 41 secs

A quarrel between Japanese sun goddes Amateratsu and her younger brother Susanawe, god of oceans, earthquakes and storms, is nearly the end of the world… Only a bit of outrageous cheek can save the day!

This story contains a violent incident + humorous adult references, and is not suitable for young children. By the way, you might know other versions of the names, and ways to say them – I had to choose one!

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Hallowe’en Rain 4 mins 8 secs

A tall dark stranger makes a young man’s fantasy come true. Urban legend!

Contains mild adult references. Rating PG.

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The Wonderful Wood 15 mins 12 secs

A very old story from the county of Warwickshire (UK) with startling modern resonances. Greed and violence, quick thinking and wild magic.

Contains adult references and violence/horror. Strongly advised rating PG.

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Classic winter legend from Russia. Young film maker Henry Fothergill designed and built the sets, then storyboarded, designed and made this stop motion animation over about 3 years, between major school exams. In 2015 Henry graduated from the renowned Bournemouth University film course. One to watch! www.henryfothergill.com

– I provided the narration
– Doreen (Granny) Fothergill made the tiny costumes! Gill Fothergill (mum) knitted the bedspread.



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