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ūüéĮ Meeting the National Curriculum requirement for “increasing [pupils’] familiarity with a wide range of books, including fairy stories,¬†myths and legends, and retelling some of these orally”

Year 3 РYear 6  DRAGON DAY : Gorgeously costumed Agent Green the Dragon Whisperer enchants AG+Hatchlingwith Dragon Tales from around the world, plus hot tips on the care and training of dragons.
* Now with optional Worksheets: Hatchling Care Plan and The Dragon Finders
Storytelling with Q+A
* Guided group storymaking (spoken word)
* Preparation for writing reports, instructions and creative writing + illustrations; make accordion books or graphic novel page layout
* Grand Finale presentation to Year Group or whole school: reading and telling by individuals, pairs and mini groups.

“Your visit was a huge success and recognised as such by staff, parents and children alike. The assembly we did afterwards was one of the best ever. The children wrote and told their own tales and were brilliant … I mean, truly brilliant! Obviously inspired by you!” – Great Rissington Primary School, Gloucestershire

Year 1 – Year 6 ¬†A Child’s World of Story –¬†A multi cultural parade of characters and adventures featuring unlikely heroes and bold heroines.¬†With singing bowl, dancing drum and colourful outfits,¬†Chlo√ę’s interactive performances keep children enthralled.

Chloe of the Midnight Storytellers draws dragons and tells Dragon Tales

¬∑ ¬†From the world’s biggest frog to a feisty old lady tortoise.¬†Traditional folktales, myths and legends come from Britain and continental Europe plus Africa, the Americas, Middle East, the Orient, Australia and Aotearoa [Maori New Zealand]

“Never seen the children sit and listen so well!
– Ducklington Primary School, Oxfordshire (and many others)

¬†“Awesome!” – Jonathan, 11, Burford
“I love your dragon stories” – Teresa, 8, Chipping Campden
“You tell the best stories” – Rowan, 12, Cirencester

Year 1 РYear 6   FURRY TALES with the Crazy Cat Lady РMostly about cats, from the thrilling classic Chloe the Storyteller with cat Boy who drew Cats to the delightfully daft Monastery Moggie. Tales of tails from Merrie England to the Caribbean.
‚ÄĘ As the Crazy Cat Lady, Chlo√ę ‘interrupts’ classes, searching for her missing moggie… In fact she describes a tiger! Then there’s time for stories, questions and what to do if a pet goes missing. Any anxiety is defused by a phone call/message that the furry friend has been seen heading home. Building skills in comprehension, reporting, describing, instructions, questioning.
‚Äʬ†After 25 years’ service to her feline friends, Chlo√ę is purr-fectly trained in the battle yowl, the hiss-and-swipe and somehow she even manages the tail flick!

“Your vocabulary is really inspiring for the children”
– Head teacher, Northleach primary school


1.  Story Hour : to full year group or whole school   Storytelling plus Q+A. Includes Word Treasure vocabulary collection. Unlimited group size.
·  20 minute Assembly also available, as part of half or full day booking

2.  Story Morning / Story Day: multiple single lessons around the classrooms  Storytelling plus Q+A and Word Treasure collecting. Unlimited class size.

3.  StoryMaker Morning / StoryMaker Day for KS2: double lessons including storytelling, Word Treasure, Q+A, guided group storymaking (spoken word)
·  (optional) Draw a story character
·  Preparation for class work in creative writing + optional accordion books + optional illustration
Preferred maximum group size 30

“Fantastic and very inspiring” – Sapperton School, Gloucestershire

“Very successful, the children loved your stories” – S King, head teacher, John Moore Primary School,¬†Tewkesbury

“My stories come from all around the world. Many are from the most ancient and fascinating of UK cultural heritage.¬†In their generosity, laughter, courage and (however twisty!) love and respect for humans of all kinds, these stories introduce children to the very best of British values and will support schools in the new Prevent duty”
– Chlo√ę, July 2015

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