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“We feel more confident.”
“Up ’til now, I couldn’t go on stage without giggling or bursting into tears. Doing this course changed all that.”
– Year 7 students, Merthyr Tydfil

“I would like to say how pleased we were with the wonderful experience our pupils had during the entire Bardic Battle process. Students from all ability ranges engaged enthusiastically with the project … The benefits of this unique learning experience will resonate throughout their lives. It was particularly heartening to see the growth in confidence … of quieter students who positively blossomed during the sessions” – Bill Mulry, English teacher, Bishop Hedley Catholic High School, Merthyr Tydfil

Chloë entertains Y7 + Y8 students

Chloë engages students with lively humour and an informal manner, while demanding the highest standards of mutual respect and focus.

  • Students love to discover ‘trade secrets’ of spoken word performance from a working professional
  • Performances and workshops help develop literacy, speaking and listening skills, critical and creative thinking, co-operation and concentration
  • Sessions on Shakespeare fire up curiosity about set texts and the plays’ backgrounds
  • Working with traditional stories supports awareness of cultural diversity (citizenship). All storytelling nourishes social and emotional aspects of learning.


🌀 Lost Legends of Britain  Vividly told traditional folktales and legends of the Islands of Britain. From stone circles and Viking invaders to wild Welsh magic – and King Arthur in trouble. Funny, full of dilemmas and moral mazes, powerful drama and just a dash of romance (for older students!)
– Optional discussion / Q+A
– Suitable for multiple performances during a visit.

🌀  Multi Cultural Story-Go-Round
– Short session (multiple): A selection of thrilling tales from the British tradition, suitable for all Years.
– Workshop (minimum double lesson): Chloë tells a couple of British traditional stories. Students then devise or adapt a traditional story, drawing on those with a background of storytelling in their family and culture.
– Includes discussion / Q+A about story origins and common themes.

🌀 Shakespeare Prequels & Sequels Workshop : devising and performing new stories based on characters and plots of the Shakespeare set text. Minimum double lesson.
– Supports in depth understanding of the play; brings characters to new life. This workshop is inspired by the work of Peter Brook. Students must have read through the full play before taking part in the workshop.

Chloë teaches storytelling

Leading a Bardic Battle workshop for Year 7 students

🌀 The Storyteller’s Tale  1 or 2 performed stories plus insights into storyteller training, performance skills and career path
– With Q+A / discussion. Suitable for multiple short sessions during a visit.

🌀 StoryMaker Workshop : To include a story told by Chloë + basic exercises in stagecraft (voice). Devise / adapt traditional or original (true life) material for oral storytelling; group story sharing; Q+A
– Double lesson minimum
– Session concludes with the whole group performing the pieces they’ve devised to each other
– Suitable for development as school show and for technology input i.e. audio / video recording.

🌀 Bardic Battle a. k. a. S Factor Story Slam : Series of at least 4 x double lesson workshops per group, developing skills and pieces for competitive performance (solo, duo or small team) + Audition + Gala contest to an invited audience.
S Factor Story Slam is an (early) evening event to be held in a performance space. With small prizes and judged by audience clap-o-meter, class teachers and if possible at least one local ‘celebrity’. Entries can include many students if they work in mini teams. The whole year group or whole school – plus parents and governors – can enjoy the show!

For your English, Drama, Book Week, Enrichment, Gifted & Talented, Activities Week
After School Club, Library Club
Cross curriculum and Performing Arts projects
SEAL, PSHE and Citizenship
Promoting British Values
Supporting your school in the Prevent duty 

Developing speaking + listening skills, imagination and literacy Year 7 to Sixth Form

Chloë’s creative quest: I am seeking opportunities to engage in cross curriculum projects, such as:

  • Art & Design – Story book illustrations; layout for Graphic Novel form.
  • ICT – Recording and transmitting stories: PodCasts, Video, Animation; to include Drama students. Connecting traditional storytelling with modern technology.
  • Modern Foreign Languages – I speak good French (formerly to degree standard) and retain some German, both with authentic accents. Can follow Italian and Spanish. I’d like to explore the creative challenge of delivering traditional tales at least partly in their original language.
  • Geography + History – Encouraging students to explore the diversity of other ages, places and lifestyles in a way similar to the research and creative devising that I undertake for Tales from Every Port aboard cruise ships.

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