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Available in sets to fit your event:
45 minutes After Dinner
90 minutes + interval Theatres + Rural Touring
55 minutes Festivals
15-20 minutes Cabaret spot


Tales of Lust & Chocolate      Forbidden desire, spicy romance, pure greed!
· Deliciously naughty stories sizzling with sensuality
From passionate Worcester porcelain to a very fit French werewolf plus the legendary Japanese striptease that saved the world – and the truth about our favourite chocolate dessert…
· Funny, racy and only for adults 16+  Contains humorous adult references: BBC Radio 4 style – lightly spiced but never blue
• Wonderful with chocolate tasting! Perfect for Hen Parties + Fairytale Weddings

“Fabulous evening”  “Absolutely mesmerising”  “A wonderful adventure”
“A beautifully delivered show which left the audience wanting more” – Standard
“Fantastic imagery, funny, I loved it!” – Anna Saunders, Director, Cheltenham Poetry Festival

Lost Legends of Britain       A wild and magical realm of story heritage
· Thrill to tales of murderous trees, love struck knights, damsels distressed or dauntless, a moon who must battle nightmares – and justice delivered sharp
Wickedly funny. Darkly tender. Puritans and Victorians tried to destroy them; the television age nearly lost them. Discover the stories that slipped out of sight, except among keepers of tales. Powerfully retold with Chloë’s energy and humour.
– Designed to entertain adults and bold children 9+ (NOT suitable for infants)

ScaryTales      Truth and fantasy meet in dark humour
Revenge and death; lover and beast; from undead in Venice to the horror of suburban marriage; macabre mystery and chilling contemporary tales. Step into a world of strangeness. You will be scared – and you’ll love it!
· For Late Night Cabaret and Hallowe’en season. Contains adult references and disturbing material. Forbidden for under 12s.
– Edition also available with evocative accompaniment from midi synthesizer / sound effects gizmo

“Your performance was just WOW! You took the whole audience with you in every story” – Chairman, Lower Swell village hall (Gloucestershire)

Festive Fables     Deep and crisp and thought provoking
· Wonderful winter stories from around the world
Snow magic and romance in red velvet; wit and charm that melted the coldest heart; and old Babushka as you never heard her before. Calling to the true spirit of Christmas in all
– Editions available for adults and for family audiences

ALSO AVAILABLE for special events and seasonal entertainment

Cotswold Tales
From the land of honey-golden stone
Highwaymen of mystery and bizarre deaths, Old Nick defeated twice and Chloë’s beautiful signature story – the Legend of the Rollright Stones.
– Sold out at village halls in the ‘Air in G’ 2005-06 Gloucestershire Rural Touring scheme
– Perfect for heritage sites/museums, stately homes, Cotswold tours

Tales to Float your Boat
A voyage through the storms of the human heart. With monsters from the deep, river magic, tidal love tragedy, the island that swam away and legends of lake and billabong.
– Editions available for adults or for family entertainment

“She really knows how to hold an audience in the palm of her hand” – Cruise Director, Boudica (Fred Olsen cruises)

21st Century Scrooge
It’s Christmas Eve in the City. A workaholic businesswoman bullies her downtrodden secretary, single mum Roberta Cratchit. This modern Scrooge faces four spectacular ghosts – and a spinechilling warning. All is joyously resolved.
Originally commissioned for an HR conference on Work/Life Balance, this is Chloë’s powerful and moving parallel of Charles Dickens’ classic ‘A Christmas Carol’
• 55 minute show

“Brilliant heartwarming performance, took many by surprise” – Director, Cotswold Art Study Centre

Electric Tales
· It’s storytelling – but not as you know it…
This is the voyage of a high energy raconteur: crossing the final frontier to seek out new forms, discovering the next generation of legends for our future. From UFOs ancient and modern to contemporary and true life tales.
– Optional eerie sound effects from midi keyboard + gizmo
– Stories contain adult references. Not suitable for young children but great for teens.

Wildwood Tales
· Powerful legends of forest and woodland
From a murderous oak to a forest on the move, to a carpenter with a thorny problem. Lots of laughs plus scary bits
– For adults and bold children 9+

Tales from the Secret Garden
Beautiful, witty and moving stories of gardens and the natural world. Humour from the first garden, Maori and Native American creation myths, and.. er.. a lot of balls on the patio…
Contains mild adult references. Suitable for 12+ only.
– As featured in the Secret Gardens Story Concerts, Cheltenham

Wine, Woman & Stories
· Vintage tales from lands of wine and whisky
A potent brew of French romance, New World mystery, a cheeky Australian, a handsome Greek and a hard-drinking westcountry farmer…
Contains mild adult references. Not suitable for children.
WINE TASTING SPECIAL EDITION:  a story from every featured wine-producing country. Adults only.
– As performed at Wine Bars and Restaurants in the Cotswolds and London

Tales on Fire – celebrate Candlemas / Imbolc
Sizzling romance, domestic bridge-burning and fiery courage. How to charm a sulking sun goddess or a lovestruck sun god. Feelgood fun to celebrate the return of light and warmth to the world, at the start of February
– Perfect for UK National Storytelling Week, end January/start Feb

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