Speak Your Poem

Invited to read your work? This is the perfect preparation…

Poetry Festival? Your guests are great poets – let’s help them be amazing…

You might not wish to be a ‘performance poet’ but even so your work deserves to be well presented.

I love poetry and appreciate the effort that goes into crafting it. Let me help you communicate the power of your poem.

In a safe, friendly workshop you’ll explore

  • How to be clear and confident, with or without a microphone
  • How to make your voice do what the poem needs
  • How to connect with your audience so they remember the pleasure of hearing just one poem from you!

Festivals and poetry groups: contact Chloë now to book this workshop
Options: 2 hours or half day

Chloë comments: “I enjoy poetry – and I’ve heard a lot of good work destroyed by bad reading. There’s no excuse for this, not even for page poets…
   “I’m not asking you to become a showman. And this session is absolutely not about critiquing your work. However, it shows respect for your writing, and respect for those who’ve come to hear you, to speak your poem in a way that properly expresses its meaning and emotion.
   “Your moments in front of an audience should be a delight – not a torture, for you or your listeners!
   “I offer 20 years’ experience in training and the spoken word. Speak Your Poem is serious and a lot of fun. We work with original and favourite poems. Yes, you will find out if other people can easily read your poems. And you just might discover strengths and depths to your work that you never knew were there!

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