Terms & Conditions

Quality Management Statement (ref CompeteFor 2012 Tendering Process)

Midnight Storytellers (UK) Quality Management Statement

– Required for participation in CompeteFor London 2012 tendering process

Midnight Storytellers (UK) is a micro business, established November 1999. The proprietor and sole trader is Mrs C Lees-Saunders (Chloë of the Midnight Storytellers; registered Equity stage name ‘Chloë’). There are no employees.

  1. Customer Care

The management (proprietor) gives the highest priority to meeting customers’ needs and expectations, and to achieving customer satisfaction.

  • Enquiries and other communications will be answered within 48 hours during a working week, or it will be clear from telephone answer messages/email responses how to reach Chloë on tour etc.
  • Only services and conditions will be offered that can be provided/met in full.
  • When accepting orders from customers, Midnight Storytellers (UK) will ensure that the customers’ exact requirements are known and that services can be supplied in accordance with those requirements.
  • The proprietor aims to deal directly, courteously and considerately with customer complaints. Opportunities to improve service, performance or processes are always welcomed. Contract details, terms and conditions will aim to make clear what is expected of everyone involved.
  • Customers will have the opportunity to make favourable comments. Customer satisfaction is continuously assessed.
  • Where responsibility of customers’ property is assumed, due care will be taken as far as possible to protect such property from damage or loss.
  1. Management Responsibility

The management (proprietor) will maintain annual plans which:

  • define the management’s policy related to the provision of products and services

meeting customers’ needs and expectations

  • identify regulatory or sector requirements which are to be met in the provision of

products and services

  • identify financial and activity performance targets and the maintenance of physical

and human resource needed to achieve the targets

  • identify minimum training requirements for herself in customer contact, processing and verifying
  • identify opportunities for continuous professional development.
  1. Business Plan Reviews

The proprietor will undertake and record regular reviews of the plans noted above. The reviews will compare results with targets to provide a basis for improving customer satisfaction, business success and management/process methods.

  1. Business Associates working with Midnight Storytellers (UK)
  • When Midnight Storytellers supplies a service which involves working with (an) associate(s) – eg Story Cabaret accompanied by a band – all such associates will be provided with written contracts. Hours of work and remuneration are to be, as a minimum, in accordance with national and local requirements or compatible with industry standards.
  • All business associates will understand their responsibilities and how they should achieve the required results.
  1. Working environment and processes
  • The proprietor will comply with clients’ health and safety procedures to maintain a suitable and safe working environment, and will at all times aim to follow best practice in safe working.
  • The proprietor will undertake, or require sight of, appropriate Risk Assessments of performance locations and venues.
  • Equipment necessary for the production of services will be provided and properly maintained in accordance with regulatory requirements and the manufacturers’ instructions.
  • Regulatory requirements and instructions related to the operation of equipment are readily available to the relevant people. Persons using the equipment are to have had

appropriate training.

  • Methods or processes will be in place to provide the customer with what management and the customer expect.
  1. Suppliers

Midnight Storytellers rarely has need of regular suppliers. However, when this arises, suppliers of products and services to Midnight Storytellers will be selected on the basis of product quality,

reliability of service (including timely delivery) and cost.

  • Purchase orders may be verbal or written, as agreed between the business and the particular supplier. Adequate information will be provided when ordering to ensure delivery in accordance with requirements.
  • Any supplier shortcomings will be considered during business reviews.
  1. Documentation

Management (the proprietor) will be aware of, and have access to, relevant regulatory documents. Documents given out to customers and other external parties will, as a minimum, contain all normal contact details. As far as possible, all documents from Midnight Storytellers will use Plain English and clear readable layout.

  1. Preventing and correcting service problems

Annual plans will consider the effect of changes in business conditions, objectives or

targets relating to customer satisfaction, the quality of processes, products and services.

Appropriate actions necessary to prevent problems will be included in the plan.

Where a problem arises, action may be taken to rectify the problem and prevent recurrence.

This action will depend on the seriousness of the problem and the risk to which the business

is exposed.

See also 1. Customer Care (complaints) above.

  1. Records

In addition to the annual plan, management (the proprietor) will assess what records need to be kept to minimise exposure to risk, eg contract documents, client or associate correspondance etc.

Management will decide on the period for which these records are held.