The History Dragon

The dragon whisperer tells historical stories

Hear about extraordinary encounters between Agent Green’s dragon friend and key figures from history

New show for schools, heritage sites + community history

Agent Green’s dragon friend hatched just after the Romans left Britain.
Chances are that in his 1,000 or so years Fuse has met the people who made history in your part of the world.

Fuse met many of the most important people in British and world history.
·  From reforming politicians to great writers, from plague doctors to chimney sweeps, Fuse made friends with the most remarkable characters…

Vividly told and packed with historical detail, the Fuse Chronicles bring to life dry facts: making memorable the people and events that shaped our modern world.

– Well, how do you think William of Normandy recce’d the Hastings battlefield? So that’s not a sea serpent in the margin of the Bayeux tapestry!

– Bad tempered King John would never have agreed to the Magna Carta without ‘persuasion’ (er… he got his toes scorched) by a certain young dragon

– Fuse knew enough to avoid Henry VIII but he helped choose roses for the very first Queen’s Garden at Sudeley Castle near Cheltenham

– Some of Will Shakespeare’s best jokes were down to Fuse, otherwise the Bard of Stratford would’ve penned nothing but grim political tragedies!

– Fuse admired both Napoleon and Wellington, and (sorry) ate well after battles

– The Wright Brothers and other early aviators had some surprises when they first took to the air. Fuse was not amused at having to share the clouds. And he really doesn’t like Space Shuttles! Negotiations with NASA continue.

– In World War 1, Fuse and the rest of Earth’s dragonkind withdrew to the world’s wildernesses and most remote mountains. In WW2, Fuse believed that nuclear destruction was imminent and prepared to quit the planet for good. What made him turn back?

Agent Green the Dragon Whisperer tells the personal and world stories
of great historical figures

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