Business Presentations and Public Speaking, Leisure and Lifelong Learning

Whether you’re pitching a proposal, dreading the wedding or – horror! – put on the spot to speak to an audience, storytelling skills will help you.

♦  Chloë’s longest running course is also one of her most innovative and enjoyable. To discover the secrets of great public speaking, click on Stories in Business: The Creative Speaker

♦  Every film maker and novelist is hailed as a ‘storyteller’. Come and discover the fun of real storytelling. A great cure for writer’s block, too…

♦  New and proving very popular, Speak Your Poem provides practical support to performance poets and to page poets who find themselves obliged to read

Worldwide training experience

Before Chloë became a full time spoken word performer, she presented seminars and taught courses throughout the UK and overseas for 9 years. Her passion for the English language won her top ratings around the world – sometimes from very reluctant students!

Chloë inspires your confidence and creativity. You’ll go home with fresh insights plus new and improved skills.


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